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    Jul 2015
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    Trích dẫn Gửi bởi igiavn
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    Tết lười up rom quá em ah mặc dù cũng rảnh, ko bận lắm.

    Sent from N910C using Lollipop

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    Apr 2016
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    Bác cho em xin vài cảm nhận and hình ảnh bản này với ná

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    Jan 2016
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    em muốn giao lưu, A7 gold bh th4 2016 full hộp giấy tờ mua bán
    hoặc cần tìm mua Note 4 gold bản N910C đề nghị còn hộp k xước xát, ko hồng tâm k bị ám vàng màn, e kĩ tính ạ
    em ở cầu giấy 0988 999 236, bác nào bán hoặc giao lưu cmt tại đây e liên hệ hoặc pm sdt cho em nhé
    tks các bác

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    Nov 2015
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    [ROM COOK][N910C + N910U separate ROM for each]Dr.Ketan custom ROM I MultiDPI *

    Xin được giới thiệu với mọi người bản ROM cook cho N910C.
    Bản này bản quyền thuộc về @Dr.Ketan bên XDA.
    Threat gốc của ROM: Link

    Dr.Ketan custom ROM based on N910C NJ8 (PAK)

    Hello Exynos community. Here I am presenting a ROM and I am here as just guest, I do not own Exymos device but my old ROM users insisted so publishing here single time. Exynos community are very lucky as you are blessed with elite developer @wanam Also my collegues doing wonderful job here like @not-i @namfat @murat25750
    Also like to give a big big thanks to usama mujtaba @um009 as without his testing and support it wouldn't be possible to publish a rom without having a device.

    ROM Base : N910CXXU1ANJ8_N910COJV1ANJ8_N910CXXU1ANJ4
    ROM includes stock Kernel.
    Modem is not included
    Pre rooted, Zip aligned Busybox

    ROM Additional Features:

    • All Languages enabled
    • 300 Fonts included
    • System default Stock battery. 3minit battery Mod available in AddOn (post #3)
    • 4 Way Reboot Mod
    • Two PullUp mods (You can set desired app for gesture settings)
    • Side Pull up
    • Long Press Menu
    • System default MenuKey reassigned for Menu. You can toggle it from ROM control
    • My Sfinder - To choose SFinder from pullUp
    • SecLauncher Mod for Hide App and PullUp
    • Briefing App - To select dom pullup for Original animation of stock briefing on Lt side launcher.
    • Camera Mods - Use camera with Flash at low battery + Shutter sound option in settings) + some addition tweaks for Quality and Duration
    • Torch(FlashLight)
    • Long Pressing Vol up (enable it from Tab setting(Extra) - device -Torch, regular setting app doesn't have this option)
    • Quick panel Toggle
    • 360 degree Rotation
    • Ink effect Lockscreen
    • Three times pressing Home - ScreenShot
    • Buil-In Debloating tool to remove nearly 50 safer bloatware (Dr.Ketan Utility-ROM extra)
    • Screen Mirror - PreFixed
    • Private Mod -PreFixed
    • S Health - PreFixed (No needs to use xposed)
    • Ext SD write issue - Fixed
    • Fixed Titanium backup restore issue (sometimes after restoring app+data with titanium causing FC)
    • App Op Native feature in Settings
    • All Application in Pen window and Multi window + Multi instance (May not work for all Apps)
    • SnapBizCard - Scan visiting card and add information to contacts with OCR)
    • 25 Quick Panel Toggle (added Torch,Quick connect,PowerSaving and SFinder)
    • Extra Call/SMS Blocking mode (Native) with phrase block option in messaging.
    • Dual Setting mod. Note4 style and Note3 Style (Tab view). You can hide unwanted from Launcher.
    • Extra utilities with Toggles - You can enable/Disable from Settings-Display
    • Network meter with 6 speed with Toggle
    • 8Extra Toggle in Notification
    • Virtual Lock button on status bar
    • Virtual Recent panel on status bar
    • Menu long press kill App
    • CPU usage in Expanded notification
    • Clean memory option in expanded Notification panel
    RomControl - Find in Application drawer
    • DPI select (640/600/560/520/480 DPI) * - Note that some app requires to set 640 DPI with app setting xposed module.
    • FullScreen Caller ID
    • Menu key assign to Menu/Recents
    • AOSP Tpggles (SystemUI) mods
    • Enable Native Call record

    Dr.Ketan Utilities (setting-Device-Dr.Ketan ROM Extra-Utilities) OR you can access from App drawer too. - here is latest features of Utility
    This utilities have 4 Sections

    1.Utilities -Toggles
    • Auto record Incoming call (make Sounds folder on IntSD if not already)
    • Auto Record Outgoing call (make Sounds folder on IntSD if not already)
    • Auto GPS (GPS will auto ON with some common app needs GPS)
    • Auto Wifi (Wifi will be turn off if remains disconnected for 10min)
    • Auto Blutooth (will be turn off if remains unpaired for 10min)
    • Smart Network (Mob data will be switched off after 30 sec of screen off)
    • Media scanner Enable/Disable
    • Torch light on shaking device (not working right now)
    • Login security - captures image with wrong password login with multi attempts.
    2.Utilities -Tasks
    • EFS Backup (Link to thread)
    • Data restore Fix
    • Flash recovery/Kernel from intSD
    • Auto Scan (If you turn On - Media scanner will run only device conected to charger AC/USB) This will override setting of Media scanner Enable/Disable in Toggle section.
    3.Rom Extra settings
    • PullUp chooser for all pull mod 1.Launcher Lt pull 2.Long Press menu
    • Debloating Tool
    • Extra setting 1.Horizontal caliberation 2. Air Guesture (Not tested all may be few are working. I have just enabled hidden settings) 3. Network Restriction)
    • Meet Here (Find Car)
    4.Help and version info.
    Advanced function SecMMs
    • Group messeging
    • Schedule msg
    • Backup/Restore SMS to SD card
    • Recipient limit 999
    • Original time stamps
    • Disable SMS-MMS
    • Raise SMS/hr limit
    • Split view toggle in setting menu
    • Increased MMS max size
    • Increased size of image
    • No SMS to MMS with Emoji
    -CSC features - There is separate App in drawer Samsung CSC feature to add/remove CSC features
    CSC features with Backup/Restore option (some features not tested)
    • Enable camera during call
    • Enable Popup Notification
    • Shutter sound Menu
    • Enable Sub Menu Symbol KB
    • Raise name lenth limit
    • Max speed dial 100
    • Enable call button
    • Enable export to SD
    • Message
    • Raise recepient limit 999
    • SMS to MMS threshold 999
    • Enable folder view
    • Enable font features
    • Enable schedule msg
    • Disable phone nu formatting
    • Phonebook digit matching
    • Launcher Rotation
    • Web exit option
    • Wifi client 10 for MobAP
    • MultiWindow addOn App
    • Calender export
    • Email White BG
    • Clock enable Auto on off menu
    • Voice call waitingtone 60
    • National Roaming Icon enable
    • Web default desktop site

    Credits and Thanks :
    @Chainfire - Respected elite developer for supersu and his unbelievable contribution to XDA/Android community.
    @wanam - Respected elite developer for his awesome contribution and references to his works.
    @Chenglu @Phil3759 @bigbiff and all other team members for custom recoveries.

    XDAevDB Information
    Dr.Ketan custom ROM., ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
    ROM Firmware Required: N910C

    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2014-11-18
    Last Updated 2014-11-21



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