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    Jul 2015
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    Xtreme Kernel for S6e+ G928FCGI - MM -TouchWiz 6.0.1

    Xtreme Kernel for S6e+ G928F,C,G,I - MM -TouchWiz 6.0.1
    -Compiled with latest UberTc toolchain 6 with GCC 6.x.x
    - Graphite enabled for high level memory optimization
    - ClearWater audio mod with Arizona control built-in into kernel to replace stock for amazing sound experience.
    -based on latest AOSP kernel source code BPD6
    - custom ramdisk based on PB6
    - Optimized I/O schedulers for better tasks queue managment
    - optimized deepsleep triggers
    - various tweaks for ram swapping
    - updated and merged source code with latest LSK (linux kernel last stable kernel)
    - Updated westwood algorithme to manage tcp congestion for more internet speed
    - various GPU tweaks for smooth experience and better rendering
    - optimized cpu freq scalling for better battery and responsivness
    - Balanced profil optimized for best perfs/battery life
    And much more...too long technical features to list.


    -This is a personal work for deverloping kernels for myself,but as my friend requested to share it with public so i warn you to use it at your own risk,try it or don't,i m not responsible for any damage regarding your devive..but so far kernel is working good on my device.


    - @mus1711 ( @SpiritualWarrior)
    - Git repo : <div>


    - Flash via TWRP recovery.
    -After Flash complete ,wait for ~ 10mn to reboot
    - After complete Reboot wait for 5 min to let the kernel settle in your device for better hardware and firmware integration, don't touch your device.
    - After 5min ,another reboot is adviceable to make the system files stick better, but it s not necessary or obligatory, just to have a good installation with no errors.


    Xtreme Kernel V7:


    ​</div>- Stay tuned for next releases..more features to come....
    - You guys need more to disscusion please join-in our Telegram group:
    </div>- Thank you for your support !

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    Aug 2015
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